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Have More Fun than in a Sports Car that Swims

Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Americans have tried everything under the sun to have fun. Combining their obsession for innovation with recreation is a recurring theme in the automotive industry. And it must have been the thought behind the amphibian cars that were produced with modest results after the second World War. Imagine how cool it would be to drive to the beach in a car, and head straight into the water, then flip a switch to turn the car into a boat. Cool! Except it wasn’t. The early designs were great for their intended use which was as land/seaworthy vessels during the war. But after reworking the design and producing a few thousands, the public was not too enthused about the Amphicar for recreational use. Women feared drowning, parts would rust and stop working, and they generally got in the way. Once they hit the water and switched from a car to a boat, the show was over. Dubbed “the sports car that swims,” the Amphicar made its American debut in 1961 at an international automobile show in New York City in the spring of 1961. Orders started from that day on for the “sport car that swims.” Too bad Orlando theme parks were still years away.

Too bad for them, maybe, but for those seeking thrilling entertainment on land and see, Orlando, Florida will fit the bill. Especially if you search Groupon and use promo codes on the Best of Orlando website. There you’ll find theme parks, water sports, and a bustling nightlife and plus family entertainment at every turn. There’s so much going on in Orlando, you need a site like the Best of Orlando to tell you about it all. And it does have all the information you’ll need to plan a vacation that includes something for everybody, of every ability. You go to the site and select the shows you want to see, the theme parks you want to visit and the dates and times you want to be there and in less time than it would take to jump from site to site, you can fill up your available vacation time.


You can purchase the tickets you need and use a Groupon code that will save 50% during their fall special, and while you’re at it, book a nearby hotel, and reserve a rental car for a jaunt to the Space Coast to learn about the latest in space exploration. You can even schedule time to take in an antique car show where you might see an Amphicar on display. Just don’t plan on taking it into the water, or the show’s over.